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As always your pieces are well thought out and well well written. Now to use the big Bang theory script itself almost "They aren't like regular guys they don't know how to use their shields" The idea being that us fat ugly nerds aren't used to having a hot girl come onto us. Females that partake in any of these activities are looked upon suspiciously. Yes, this is pretty damning towards nerds arguably my own people, especially now even as I say it, but it's the truth. We thought it was silly so it because my gamer tag. Testosterone has long been used as an excuse for males to act a certain way, usually a negative way.

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There is no test one has to pass to be accepted.

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Don’t Date Geek Girls

But it needs to be said: When that happens over and over, and every attempt and video game discussion with a pretty lady ends the same way, people are going to start getting fucking irritable. Why do girls 1,3, and 4 need to be tested in the first place? Until they decide to start playing a game promoted to females or a romcom game of some kind. Have you experienced it personally? Like you said… this is ultimately about treating people with respect and giving people a chance. Register Now.

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